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Attankal is a household stone implement used for wet grinding. It consists of two separate parts. A grinding stone called Attankal is a stout cylindrical stone of rounded ends with or without a wooden handle, and a base stone which actually is called oralu kallu.Attankal is placed in the well of a base stone and rotated, usually with the left hand while the right hand is used to regularly push ingredients towards the well to grind them. The role of the hands keep interchanging with fatigue, duration and quantity of grinding.It is used to wet grind dosa/idli batters, various chutneys, masalas etc.It is a preferred tool to grind uddina vada batter in hotels and restaurants.


8 INCHES2.2 Kgs21 Cm8 Cm
10 INCHES3.1 Kgs26 Cm10 Cm
12 INCHES4.8 Kgs30 Cm11 Cm
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