• Soapstone Incense Cone & Candle Stand

Soapstone Incense Cone & Candle Stand

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An intricately carved candle holder/tealight holder sculpture... the pièce de résistance amongst all tealight holders... See the magic come alive in the dark when you place a tealight inside the stone sculpture. The intricately carved patterns get imposed on the surface, on which you keep the sculpture. The candle/tealight holder has been handmade in traditional Indian jali work or openwork carving (intricate latticework having a pattern of openings), hand-carved by artisans in Tamil Nadu also famous for stone carving and inlay-work handicrafts. These arts have been practiced and handed down within artisan families since ancient Tamilans. The beauty of the detailed, intricate carving work is the reason for their immense popularity.
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