Product Care - FAQ'S


What is the difference between iron and cast iron?

Iron vessels are made of pure iron metal only. While Cast iron is an alloy, a mixture of iron(97%) , silica and carbon(3%).

Do seasoned iron/cast iron vessels rust?

Yes. Iron and cast iron vessels rust in the absence of oil

How to clean rust?

Apply any cooking oil all over the vessel and leave it to soak for a few hours. Then scrub clean with any dish wash agent and scrub. Once the vessel is cleaned, please dry with a clean cloth and then apply a thin layer of oil before storing.

Can you use iron/cast iron vessels once it rusts?

Yes. Vessels can be cleaned of the rust and used.

How to clean iron/cast iron vessels?

Iron/Cast iron vessels can be cleaned by simply scrubbing with any regular dish wash agent and scrubber. Once cleaned, dry with a cloth and apply oil immediately to prevent rusting before storage.

What is seasoning?

Seasoning is a process of making a vessel usable immediately after purchase. Iron, cast iron, clay and soapstone vessels have to be seasoned before usage.

Why use clay vessels?

Clay vessels have numerous benefits. Slow and even cooking is one of the foremost advantages of using a clay vessel for cooking. Slow cooking has been shown to preserve the nutrition in the food cooked than pressure cookers. Due to the alkaline nature of clay, it neutralizes the acidic nature of food cooked in it.

How to clean clay vessels?

Soak clay vessels in water after usage for 30 minutes before scrubbing without dish washing liquid or soap. Due to its porous nature, clay vessels tend to absorb then soap and start smelling of soap soon. Therefore avoid using soap and scrub with a plain scrubber.

What type of stove does a clay vessel need?

Clay vessels work on a gas stove, hot plate and electric coil too. It does not work on induction stoves.

What is soapstone?

Soapstone is a natural soft rock which is mined in parts of Southern India.

How can soapstone vessels be seasoned?

They can be seasoned using rice starch water and turmeric powder, castor oil mixture.

Why use soapstone vessels?

Soapstone vessels contain a lot of natural existing minerals and metals in them that leach into the food cooked using these vessels.

Can we put soapstone vessels on high heat?

Seasoned soapstone vessels can be used on high heat, but due to the great heat retention property of soapstones, once they are hot enough, flame can be completely switched off or reduced.

Which type of stove does a soapstone vessel need?

Regular gas stoves are best for soapstone vessels.

How to clean soapstone vessels?

Do not put a hot soapstone vessel into cold or room temperature water as it may lead to cracking of the vessel. Once the vessel comes to room temperature, soak in water for a few minutes and then use regular water to clean it.

How to clean coconut shell products?

Washing with regular water is more than enough for coconut shell products. Do not use soap.